How to Style Next Day Hair [tutorial]


  1. Agnes - January 13, 2014

    Great video! You hair is awesome!

  2. Julie - January 14, 2014

    Your hair posts are awesome! I can’t decide weather to keep my hair short or not… I am a mom of 3 young boys and I am wondering if you have any tips to get rid of dark bags under your eyes?

  3. Chloe - January 14, 2014

    Thank you! I just got a pixie and have been styling per your tutorials and just wishing today that you had a “next day” tutorial. You made my day!

  4. Lindsay - January 15, 2014

    Pretty much the best! Thanks for the tips, Becki! Adorable, like always.

  5. Liza Wild - February 12, 2014

    Next time you get your haircut you should do a joint video with your hair stylist!

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