whippy cake pop-up sale! [shop closed]

whippy cake pop-up sale! [shop closed]

I am so happy to announce the winner of the WC gift certificate! Congratulations to…..

Michelle Rees – comment #51

You have won yourself $50 shop credit! Please email us at admin (at) whippycake (dot) com to so we can it to you! XOXO


Ahhhh! I can’t believe my pop-up sale is finally live! I was beginning to think I wouldn’t be able to pull it off but that just goes to show I can still surprise myself. You all have been very patient and supportive of me (as per usual) and I thank you kindly! There has been a serious lack of sleep around here while I was  prepping for this sale so I’m gonna go take a nap now while you go shop! Now let me show you a little bit of what you can expect to find in my limited pop-up sale, I’ve tried to come up with a little som’in som’in for everyone.

First off, I had to bring back my classic Whippy Cakes for all you addicts who have waited over a year to get your fix.


Next up are the Junque Bows, something entirely new, put together with the help of my mini assistant London. My favorite thing about these pretty little messes is to watch the look on little girls faces when they see them. It’s like watching a kid in the candy store or a girl watching a movie about unicorns for the first time. Lot’s of excited squealing and jumping up and down as you can imagine.


And THEN we have some dainty little ditties inspired by my newest edition, little baby Ivory. I got enough requests and inquiries about the new headbands I’ve made for Ivory which I thought was the perfect excuse for a mini collection for the the mini people.


And finally there is just a few Christmas inspired pieces for the Holiday season. I came up with some new designs plus brought back some popular designs from the past.


I REALLY hope you find something you can fall in love with and that you get the chance to treat yourself to a little cake. I think we all deserve to indulge every now and then and these tempting teasers will only be available for a brief (and I mean fleeting) amount of time. Also, there are very small quantities of each design so when you are window shopping think quickly, something you love can be here today but sold out tomorrow!

It would probably be a shame if I didn’t keep with the new collection tradition and do a GIVEAWAY. I’m giving away a $50 gift certificate to for my SHOP one lucky winner! Enter this giveaway by doing one or all of following:

1. Leave a comment under this post and gimme your feedback. I wanna know what your absolute favorite design is!

2. Share about this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram and tag @whippycake.  Leave a comment for each time shared.

3. Pin your favorite product image(s) to pinterest with the hash tag #whippycake.

A winner will be randomly selected on Tuesday, November 26 and announced at the top of this post so don’t forget to come back and check to see if you are the winner!

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  1. Kristin H - November 23, 2013

    Oh my gosh! So in love with everything!! The new ittie bitties are adorable!

  2. Lindsey - November 23, 2013

    Miss Mustard’s Knickers! Mustard- love. Name- love. Is it wrong that i ordered it for myself!? Love. You go mama.

  3. Shana - November 23, 2013

    They are all absolutely adorable! But I’m a sucker for anything gold!! ;)

  4. Ally B - November 23, 2013

    So excited to get my order!!!! I love the orginal cakes but the new Junque Bows are a definite favorite. Nothing is cuter than those girlies of yours though ;)

  5. Kristin H - November 23, 2013

    Pinned on Pinterest

  6. Kristin H - November 23, 2013

    Shared on Instagram

  7. elizabeth w - November 23, 2013

    Obsessed with them all, but Midnight Mystery in the Junque Collection is one of my favs! Can never get enough Cake! Congrats!

  8. Karin Fish - November 23, 2013

    Love love love all the Junque bows. Glimmer glamour glow is my fave. Great job on the new designs.

  9. diane reyes - November 23, 2013

    LOVE your bows!! just ordered one….I am sharing you with all my friends!!!!

  10. jackie - November 23, 2013

    i am in love with the junque bows! i have 4 boys of my own but my new little niece needs some. so so so cute!

  11. Kristi Alford - November 23, 2013

    My fave is Christmas candy dandy!!! Love it!!!

  12. ashley - November 23, 2013

    Love the Christmas inspires pieces!!! They are all so cute!

  13. MaryAnn P - November 24, 2013

    Oh I am in love with the new cakes!! They are gorgeous!!!

  14. Anna - November 24, 2013

    These are so pretty…thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Katie - November 24, 2013

    Love love love the mini collection. My “mini” is ready to be adorned in some lacy fashion!

  16. Stephanie @ NewlyMynted - November 24, 2013

    I have been checking your site daily to see if things were up yet. So I’m sure you can imagine my squeal this morning! I am loving Grateful Heart and Cha-Ching Ba-Bling. But Free Hugs, come on, that’s such a cute name!

  17. Brooke - November 24, 2013

    I just ordered my girls headband for her first birthday from your shop!! Gahhhh! I am in love!! Maybe this will help me start a collection :)


  18. April - November 24, 2013

    Love the holiday collection!

  19. Leah t. - November 24, 2013

    How can you possibly choose! These are all amazing!!!

  20. Megan - November 24, 2013

    Oooo! I love the junque bows! Your description of them is so accurate. Kid in a candy store for sure!

  21. Elisha - November 24, 2013

    I can’t choose a favorite!! I love the bows so much though…probably one if those would be my favorite!

  22. Caroline Ivory - November 24, 2013

    I LOVE choose joy!

  23. Elizabeth - November 24, 2013

    I love love love the junque bows. Absolutely fabulous!

  24. Elizabeth - November 24, 2013

    Entered on Instagram! Lizziemason13

  25. Carolyn - November 24, 2013

    Lovely absolutely lovely! How I wish I could pull this look off!

  26. Janet Meyerhoffer - November 24, 2013

    They are all darling! My granddaughter would look adorable with one of these on her cute bald head!

  27. Jea - November 24, 2013

    Love your work! Very classy! In love with the junque bows!

  28. Alysha Tinsley - November 24, 2013

    I love it all!! I think the itty bitty headbands are so cute!! I wish my little girl was still a baby so she could wear those! I love everything!

  29. Tamara - November 24, 2013

    LOVE the one at the top of his post! I would have bought it if it was still available (Let me know if you have more ;) Pretty please). Also love the baby ones- bought the Rockabye Rosy. Thank you so much!!!

  30. Tamara - November 24, 2013

    Tweeted about the sale: @tls63

  31. Courtney - November 24, 2013

    The Christmas candy dandy !!!

  32. Emily Humphries - November 24, 2013

    Love the shine bright and those Junque bows are amazing.

  33. Alexis - November 24, 2013

    ALL of the Junque bows are amazing!

  34. Danielle Swartz - November 25, 2013

    My favorite is the Cha-ching Ba-bling Junque bow! I might have to buy this one for the flower girl in my wedding. However, every bow is serious perfection!

  35. Stephanie Vainer - November 25, 2013

    I LOVE the Junkin Bows! they are sooo cute!

  36. Connie B. - November 25, 2013

    I’m so glad you are making this right now! I’ve always been a Becky and Whippy fan. Your Junque bows are my favorite! Adorable names too! I’ve clicked on all of them like 20 times each and still can’t decide which one I want or love the most. Let’s go with Magic Mint Mixup.

  37. Latrice - November 25, 2013

    As I love Margie and her junque bows those are my fave for sure! Awesome stuff girl

  38. Angie S - November 25, 2013

    OMG…I’m so glad you released this collection! I purchased one for my mom and one for my BFF before you closed the shop down, but never got any for me. I’m not making that mistake again!!

  39. Alyie Kirchner - November 25, 2013

    Hi. I’m thrilled to see your shop open!!! I’ve been in love with wholly cakes for a few years! I don’t know of a fav since they’re all lovely! I can wear them tucked next to a bun, on my headband or even on my sweater! Love them!

  40. Alyie Kirchner - November 25, 2013

    Hi. I’m thrilled to see your shop open!!! I’ve been in love with whippy cakes for a few years! I don’t know of a fav since they’re all lovely! I can wear them tucked next to a bun, on my headband or even on my sweater! Love them!

  41. Debbie - November 25, 2013

    I think you sold out of the one I wanted!! :( the black polka dot with gold. Hope you make more!

  42. Jessica - November 25, 2013

    I LOVE eh Cha-ching Ba-bling bow! but I really love them all!

  43. stephanie brough - November 25, 2013

    love it all!

  44. michelle rees - November 25, 2013

    Pick a favourite… um for me must be the whippy cake – “be the good” but if my daughter had to pick… ummm candy dandy would send her heart aflutter!!

  45. Trisha Wright - November 25, 2013

    I love your Junque Bows. I know I would put that $50.00 to good use if I win!

  46. Naomi - November 25, 2013

    I absolutely love the dainty little ditties!

  47. Nicole - November 25, 2013

    I just adored your “all aglow” piece. I remember trying to order it and it was sold out :( Anyhoo, I’m diggin’ the cha-ching ba-bling bow and your elfin Christmas bow :) Love the cake!!

  48. Nicole - November 25, 2013

    Shared on facebook and pinterest!

  49. Lana Millett - November 25, 2013

    I love the new Smile More, the pink and black really work well together! I am so happy Whippycakes are back, if only for a limited time.

  50. brandi bowman - November 26, 2013

    hey becki! so excited to see these back for a short time! i love the original appliques and my favorite is the smile more one. thanks!!

  51. brandi bowman - November 26, 2013

    created a pin on pinterest! love whippycake <3

  52. Kristine - November 26, 2013

    Love everything!especially all the Christmas inspired elfin bows!

  53. Heather Ellis - November 26, 2013

    Love them all!!

  54. Kirstin M - November 26, 2013

    Love the junque bows for my daughters. Great for Christmas gifts!

  55. Julianna - November 26, 2013

    I love the Bashful Button! We are welcoming our little girl in March and this would be the perfect coming home touch. <3

  56. Erin Hemmelgarn - November 27, 2013

    Oh gosh. Cha Ching Ba Bling? With a sparkly dress? At a holiday party? Best idea ever. Sign me up.

  57. Brooke - November 30, 2013

    Did I miss the winner announcement??

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