December Smash Ball in Arizona [SOLD OUT]

December Smash Ball in Arizona [SOLD OUT]

I am super, duper, very, extremely, vastly, excited to announce that I will be throwing a second Smash Ball on December 15th at the De.Cesare headquarters in Mesa! De.Cesare Designs are also responsible for Design Lab in downtown Mesa so when they offered to host my next Smash Ball at their glorious locale I all but passed out.  Design Lab by ddg is one of the most unique stores I have ever been to. I can honestly lose track of myself and time browsing through the treasures. If you haven’t been there before (it’s fairly new) I am insisting that you take a field trip immediately! Before I share any further details about the Smash Ball I feel I must share these photos taken of the new Smash Ball venue…

photos by Isaac Bailey

Are you still with me or have you passed out from the overwhelming glory of the picture perfect decor going on here? I can call an ambulance if you need. If I didn’t know people were working there daily I just might become a squatter there, just sayin. Sigh! Ok now that I am all flushed from swooning over these photos I will move along and share with you the details of this Smash Ball. At the first Smash Ball I had all the guests fill out a survey at the end and most everyone requested a bigger space and longer hours to cavort. Wish granted!!! Here are the dates, hours and location for the Arizona Smash Ball:

The cost per tickets is $60 and with each ticket you get an exclusive invite package in the mail with a pre Smash Ball gift, a swag bag loaded with beautiful gifts for you to keep, free access to the scrap bar throughout the night, light fair and beverages all evening, your name submitted to the numerous giveaways, and of course admission into the Smash Ball.  I will also be selling a variety of Smash Books again at this event and I will try to have even more inventory than last time as they sold out rather quickly before.  I have added an additional 5 seats to this engagement so there will be 40 tickets available.  I will be honest and tell you that the first Smash Ball sold out in less than 3 days and once the word spread the wait list was pretty long. I definitely don’t want to push anyone to buy a ticket but I felt really bad once the tickets were gone and I couldn’t do anything to expand the guest list so just be aware that tickets are limited.


Stay tuned for information on our sensational Smash Ball sponsors.

If you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring a Smash Ball please contact me at becki (at) whippycake (dot) com


    • The next one is in Utah… LOL. I guess that doesn’t help much either though.

  1. When will you have the next one in Utah?

    • I’m hoping on this December but I ran into a few bumps. I will make an announcement for it as soon as I know for sure.

  2. GORGEOUS location!!!! Wish Chicago were closer to AZ :(

  3. So hoping to talk hubby into letting me go to this tonight!!!

  4. I will actually be out in AZ in February visiting family….any chance youll hold another ball then?? lol Too bad you dont live in WI!

  5. Hello! I’m attending your Dec. AZ Smashball, but I’m a little confused on your dates. In your post it says the 15th, but then the ticket blurb beneath says the 8th. I’m writting this on Nov 25th and just want to square things up so I have the right date off of work. Let me know! Thanks!

    • I am so sorry about that. I was able to update the indifference on the thank you message so the dates are accurate now. The December Arizona Smash Ball is for sure on the 15th. All attendees will be getting another confirmation email this week with more details as well. Just LMK know if you have any other questions for me :)

  6. We got tickets! It was so great meeting you in person and we are really looking forward to this event!



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