cross your heart [makeup tutorial]

With the new collection pending to go live any moment now I thought I would stay ahead of things for once and post the makeup tutorial we filmed to go along with it. Rennai from ten22 studio helped me record this video hence why it’s much better quality than my dodgy videos so you can thank her for this one. Here is the video and then below it you will find the list of ingredients I used.




  1. I love the pink shade and the liner….I need to learn how to do top liner! Gorgeous…ps you are beautiful with and without makeup xoxo

  2. Gorgeous tutorial!!

  3. I think I will give this a whirl! I love it.

  4. Love it! Your model is so crazy cute!!

  5. having watched your video, I have just purchased the Elizabeth Arden Lippie :):) thank you!

  6. Great tips thanks.


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