Remember that one time Lo sold 25 bracelets on Instagram and Facebook? We were thinking that any 3 year old who can make and sell 25 bracelets in a week deserves to have her own store! Well actually she asked me if she could have her own store like Minnie’s Bow-tique. We’ve got hoards of bracelets at my house right now and it doesn’t look like production is slowing down soon, so why not? Check out the pile of bracelets she’s got goin on here.

Lo has been helping me put together her very own etsy shop. She REALLY wanted to call her shop London Store but that was taken and any other name with Lo or London in it. We came up with 3.cheeks instead. The 3 stands for her age and cheeks is one of her nick names because she has the most adorable, kissable chunky cheeks ever!

I’m so proud of London, she is far more creative than I ever was at her age. I fear for the future, she has enough sass and confidence to do anything she puts her mind to, including running me out of business ;) One of these days I will have to post a video of Lo working, highly entertaining stuff

You should take a peek at her shop. I won’t be surprised if you fall in love with her designs. I know I have!


  1. Missy Cox - August 18, 2012

    Yes…I love it and never wear it that someone does not say “Where did that come from?”

  2. Stephanie {Luxe Boulevard} - August 18, 2012

    How sweet! I’ve added her shop to my circle and I will share on Facebook.

  3. Kristy Swain - August 20, 2012

    Haha, too cute! How the heck do you sell on Instagram and FB? I have to confess, I have Instagram but I’ve never used the public version… and only used it at all once or twice.

  4. Victoria - September 8, 2013

    Hi Becki!

    Would you tell me please (you can email me too) where you find the beads for London’s bracelets? My daughter saw this post an just can’t wait to start making her own!!

    Thank you!

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