Diorshow New Look [product review]

Diorshow New Look [product review]

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a product review, I have hoards of items I love and have been meaning to share with you that are just piling up waiting for their chance to shine.  I promise to share a bunch of them in the next few weeks, since I’m sure you’re as excited about everything as I am 😉 Today I’m concentrating on eye fringe.

I’ve been a fan of Dior and other  other  mascara’s in the past, which you can read about here. Since I’m also a struggling impulse shopper, you can imagine my excitement as I walked into Sephora to find a shrine built dedicated to all the newest and best mascaras on the market. One I had been particularly interested in trying was Diorshow New Look. The latest addition to the famous Diorshow line promises to deliver infinite volume and an unparalleled lash multiplying effect with it’s exclusive nano-brush. Here’s a little look at what New Look did for me:

What I love: The brush is teeny tiny and changes textures as it tapers out to reach and coat every lash from corner to corner. The formula is the same nourishing lash amplifying extraordinaire I love from previous Diorshow products and makes your lashes feel soft and pliable all day instead of dry and flaky like others. New Look also adheres to your lashes and won’t rub or flake off throughout the day, which is great since I rarely use primers.

The Verdict: As far as meeting it’s claim to add volume I think New Look is spot on, but I have some reservations about it’s claim for lash multiplying. Since I’ve been recovering from lash extensions for awhile, my usually long and full lashes are not quite back to normal yet. New Look had a tendency of making my sparse lashes stick together, which made application more tenuous. However, my friend also tried it, and had no problem achieving the lash multiplying extreme separation she was looking for, so I really think it depends on the person (or lashes). Overall I am happy with the new addition to the Diorshow line, and would recommend adding it to your mascara repertoire.



  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been recently in the market for new mascara and have tried a few and ended up throwing them away after a few tries….argh to the money I’m wasting. I’m going to try this! Thanks for the product review Becki!

  2. Wow I think ur lashes look incredible after application. I would say this mascara is spot on with its claims!! I don’t spend over $8 on maybeLine mascara from walmart BUT this is making me want to venture out and spend a little to get amazing lashes! Thanks for sharing!!


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