primping for valentines day: look 3

primping for valentines day: look 3

Well look who it is modeling the 3rd look! That couldn’t have been predicted. I call this look The Totally Awesome Piece of Aaaaa-dorable . Just kidding but you can still call me adorable if you want to

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The Gaudy Girly

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I’m always a believer in simply selecting a little of this and and a little of that from the closet and throwing all together for one outfit. This look means anything goes (well, almost anything). On occasion I enjoy going for gaudy because I get to put on all of my favorite pieces that make me happy. It’s also quick because I’m not spending a lot of time worrying about matching plus there’s bound to be one or two things in the outfit that makes good for a conversation starter. You know I love to socialize! B-B-B- break it down now.

  • Hair: Uhhh, you kinda got shafted here because I have short hair and there is only so many ways to style it. Since I was going for gaudy though I did my do in a faux hawk because faux hawks are edgy but can still be glam. Say it with me ya’ll… “FIERCE!”
  • Makeup: High shine eyeshadow and super shine lip color. I went with white shimmer shadow because I wanted to wear a bright pink lip color but also didn’t want to risk looking like a clown by pairing it with blue shadow or something. You could also add some glitter or cheek highlighter if you want to bring out all the stops. If there is a cosmetic that speaks gaudy it’s definitely GLITTER! Instead of glitter I chose a dramatic set of synthetic false lashes. Wa-BLAMO!
  • Shirt: Anything goes right? Even a t-shirt with shiny gold cheetah print and a nautical cardigan with gold anchor buttons! Yyyyyyep!
  • Pants: Barbie pink skinnies. I am telling you, pink is where it’s at! Check out other fab pink products from my recent product review.  I had pants this color when I was a kid but no one got the vision back then. Tell me you are feeling it now???
  • Shoes: Floral pumps aren’t exactly easy to pair with just anything ….. unless it’s GAUDY!!!! lol. (if you say gaudy a bunch of times kind of fast it sounds like you are speaking another language, sorta.)
  • Accessories: I didn’t want on-lookers to be at risk of a visual headache so I slowed it down in the accessory department and just chose one item to polish off my garb. I chose a pair of vintage clip-on earrings in sea foam. It kinda looks like my ears are being eaten by a sea creature but you know I still love them.

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I like to go gaudy when I just don’t give a french fry about what people think and I just wanna have some fun! I can hear the Boss now… “babe, don’t you think you have had enough of the blue eyeliner?”. Ooo, I have an idea, a gaudy girls night out. Get your gaudy on and grab your girl friends and if I am one of them you better believe we are gonna pig out too! I hope you have enjoyed this sequence of outfit selections and can accept that there is plenty more to come. Buckle up because it’s gonna get clothing up in here! (get it? instead of crazy I said clothing because there’s gonna be more posts about clothing….)  I’m doing it again aren’t I? I’ll  stop now.

Hey! did you see the first and second looks? You should go do that right now!



  1. This one is by far my favourite!!

  2. Loving this look. Your hair cut is too cute!

  3. YEP. Adorable. You said it. Perfect! You are so dang cute! I love this. If I put this on my husband would say….I”m NOT GOING! HAHAAHAH! But, I can totally do this with the girls! Keep up the clothing posts! I love them!!!! Helps me think outside the box and not be so boring!

  4. how do you get those little feather things in your hair?
    So so so cute! I love your faux hawk. I also have short hair so us short haired gals didn’t get ripped off!


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