Getting to Know Us {alexa]

Getting to Know Us {alexa]

People sometimes give me far too much credit for the work we do at Whippy Cake. I’m always so flattered and overjoyed by all of the comments and exclamations of excitement but it would be dishonest if I lead you to believe I did it all on my own. I remember the days I attempted to do it all on my own and Whippy Cake, my house, and myself were all a HOT mess during those dark ages. While I thrive on designing and styling and challenging myself creatively I am only free to do so because of all the help I get from the girls on the WC team. We have quite a few ladies sewing cakes all week long and  more to help whip them together. I’ve got girls cutting and sorting and organizing all the tiny odds and ends that make up your beautiful accessories. I’ve got my go to girls that help me scramble everything together for an event and they bring happiness and cheer to all of our event shoppers. My most resent addition is Alexa Hall from It’s a Love Story.  If it’s ok with you I’d love to start sharing little tid bits about my WC team (starting today) because they are important to me and let’s face it, I’d be nothing without them.


Meet Alexa (Alex or Al if you are really cool)

Alex started working for WC just a few weeks ago and has been helping to take over assistant duties from Amie who had to leave us (boo) because she is taking this time to enjoy her pregnancy and home life (yay!).  Alex is  also helping out on the creative side of WC as well. She is actually responsible for the name of our upcoming collection, Swanky Souffle and will be contributing to our newly developed creative team. In just a few short weeks Alex has picked up on everything with ease and has contributed so much to my company already. Her personality makes for enjoyable and entertaining company and she is just as darling as her blog. She and her husband Chellis share a special story and are raising two kids (Bronson and Maddix) together here in Arizona.  Alex is expecting their 3rd baby around February 24th and is anticipating the news of the baby’s gender in just a few weeks. She is hilarious, knows everyone and anyone, loves Dr. Pepper (bonus!), can multitask with the best of them and is quick with a camera so look out (I’ve already been caught unawares looking rather hideous).  I’m looking forward to working with Alex for a long long time and am excited to share more about her and our adventures over time. Yippee Skippy!


I hope you have enjoyed this brief little post on Alex (Alexa, or Al) and I can’t wait to share about my other girls helping behind the scenes soon!


  1. She looks like so much fun! And she is absolutely adorable. Her husband Chellis lived down the street from me when we were growing up. I didn’t hear about what had happened to him until just now. (You would think in a small town news like that would get around.) Wow! She is a strong woman and her positive attitute is contagious.

    Best of luck at Whippy Cake Alexa!

  2. Chellis is one of my brothers good friends growing up there in Eagar. I read their blog and love Alexa’s style in words. Have fun working together you both sound like fun girls!

  3. I thought she looked familiar iin that first photo. Connie did their family photos and shared their story. Golly, made me cry. And now they are expecting another baby?! What a blessing that is!

  4. I just went and read Alexa’s blog almost from front to back. What an amazing, inspirational, beautiful woman (and family). I bet you two have a blast working together!

  5. I found her blog (creep) a few days ago and discovered that she worked at Whippy Cake.. Ah how I miss you girls. Anyway she and her family are too cute, and they have an amazing story. I am excited that she is part of the team their now! Also we are Due on the EXACT same day as each other!! How exciting is that?!


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