In Disarray

In Disarray

Things are very much disarrayed around here and I am in desperate need of an assistant to help with the business side of things! I’m looking for someone 16 or older to work a minimum of 3 days a week. I am flexible and the job is low stress but lots of fun. I’d LOVE to find someone fun and funky who is crazy about all things girly like me. If you are interested you can email me about yourself or submit a resume and feel free to include any links of interest. I would love to start interviews to go over the position details and duties. I’m looking for someone to start immediately! Thanks so much for your help friends.

{This just in: I am considering out of state applicants, the more the merrier.}



  1. is long distance okay? I am very capable and interested.

  2. for some reason the comment I left you is not posting. I was asking if it mattered if I am long distance. I am very qualified, capable and interested :)

  3. I'd be like your own fairy god mother!! I am in braker?


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