Fall for Fringe

Guess what! last week I got to debut the very first Diamond Drop, and it did so well they put together a brand new style box this week. “Let’s see that again, Jerry!”  You better believe I am all about begging to get first dibs on this biz! My favorite thing about this box is the distinct fall vibe of all the colors. I am ready to be over and done with the 110 degree weather here. So yah, bring on all things fall, especially if it’s light and flowy and doesn’t suffocate me in this wretched heat. This week’s Diamond Drop comes with two complimentary pieces including the ever versatile kimono and the two tone chain necklace set which I have been wearing non-stop all week. I have a feeling I will be twinning with a few peeps when they see this combo. You get the kimono and the necklace set all together for $15.95 and shipping is totally free. Twinning, I tell you! This style box is only available from now through Monday though, so, you know, get on that.   Check out the Diamond Drop Box...

Eyebrow Rant

I recently did a broadcast on Periscope that was kind of my first rant video ever.  The scope was all about eyebrows, mean girls, and just my frustration with how negative the internet can be. It all started with a comment that was made on one of my Instagram posts. Although the photo had nothing to do with my eyebrows, someone felt strongly enough about them to make a snarky comment about how “inexcusable” they are, and then made an obscene comparison I don’t care to repeat. Of course, the comment was intended to be offensive for a slight second. What offends me way more than dissing on my eyebrows is the fact the grown adults are still acting like mean girls in high school on social media behind the safety net of their computers. I know I am very lucky because I rarely get a nasty comment, but the fact that this happens regularly for some people just makes me angry and sad, so I had to hop on Periscope to rant about it for a little bit. If you are new to Periscope or have never seen it in action before, it’s a live broadcast that viewers can tune in and watch in real time. They can write comments through the chat below and tap the screen as much as they want to create hearts to let the broadcaster know they are enjoying the video. Once the live scope is over, the video is available for replay for 24 hrs in the app, and then it goes away.     I know I said more than I...

Fancy a Diamond Drop?

You know how I have gotten a little box happy lately? Oh right, you prob have a box addiction too bc they are the greatest ever! Say “Hello” to The Diamond Drop (TM), Cents of Style’s newest way to get their fun & fashion-forward accessories at an even funner price. These items have been hand-selected from Cents of Style’s archive by fashion loving friends (like me) and brought to you for a limited time. If you’ve ever wanted to try Cents of Style items, the Diamond Drop is a great way to add a selection of accessories sure to make you sparkle! The reason I absolutely LOVE the Diamond Drop is because you know exactly what you are getting in your box before you even buy it, PLUS, you get multiple products for the price of one, so it’s like buy one product, get two for FREE. This little box is full of some of the most popular items from my Detour collection, and it’s only available from today through Monday, August 24th. You can nab your own box [HERE] for $19.95. WHAT’S IN THE BOX: JOANNA CRYSTAL PEEKABOO EARRINGS || Retail Value: $19.95 PERFUME PHONE CASE ||  Retail Value: 19.95  (Fits iPhone 6) TATE ROUND CAT EYE SUNGLASSES || Retail Value: $14.95 Available for purchase from mycentsofstyle.com for $19.95 now through Monday, August...
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